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John Mullican Eastern Bluebird

John Mullican Eastern Bluebird

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Experience the beauty of Marylands Eastern Bluebird through the eyes of local artist, John Mullican.

The John Mullican Eastern Bluebird is a masterpiece of art, crafted by the skilled hands of an artist who has dedicated his life to creating pieces that capture the essence and beauty of his local environment. This exquisite artwork features a stunning Eastern Bluebird depicted in intricate detail, bringing to life its distinctive plumage and charming personality. As a resident of Maryland himself, John Mullican understands intimately what makes this bird so special in the hearts and minds of those who call this state home. With every brushstroke, he imbues this piece with his passion for wildlife conservation and appreciation for natural beauty. Displaying the John Mullican Eastern Bluebird in your home or office is not just owning another work of art; it's supporting a local artist whose talents have put Maryland on the map as a hub of artistic creativity

  • Add a touch of nature to your living space and support the local arts community with this 419/1500 wonderful signed art print.
  • The intricate details and vibrant colors in John Mullican's Eastern Bluebird painting make it a standout piece for any art collector
  • Bring the beauty of Maryland's native birds into your home with this stunning portrayal of an Eastern Bluebird, painted by talented artist John Mullican

This exquisite vintage print, skillfully crafted by local Maryland Artist John Mullican carries a unique provenance, this signed Eastern Bluebird's mat proudly displays the Prince George's County Seal & signature of former Maryland governor Parris (Glendening) who gifted this print to a friend & previous resident of Prince George's County, Maryland during his time as PG County Executive.

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