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Eco-Kids Finger Paints

Eco-Kids Finger Paints

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Unleash your childrens creativity with Eco-Kids Finger Paints - a magical blend of all-natural, non-toxic, plant-based colors on sustainable materials

Introducing Eco-Kids Finger Paints - the ultimate choice for conscious parents and eco-conscious kids alike. Our finger paints are not your typical art supplies, as they are thoughtfully crafted with all-natural ingredients that ensure a non-toxic experience for your little ones. Made from plant-based materials that prioritize sustainability, these finger paints offer endless creative possibilities without compromising on the health of our planet. With Eco-Kids Finger Paints, you can indulge in messy masterpieces while providing a safe and environmentally-friendly outlet for artistic expression. Experience the joy of vibrant colors and the peace of mind knowing you've made an eco-responsible choice with our exceptional finger paints today!

  • Experience the joy of creativity while ensuring your child's safety with Eco-Kids Finger Paints, made from all-natural and non-toxic ingredients
  • Embrace a more eco-friendly approach to art with Eco-Kids Finger Paints, crafted from plant-based materials that are gentle on both little hands and the environment
  • Inspire creativity and promote a healthier lifestyle for your family by choosing Eco-Kids Finger Paints

Get your child's creativity flowing while keeping the environment in mind with Eco Kids Finger Paints. This all-natural, non-toxic finger paint set is made from plant-based and sustainable materials, making it the safe and eco-friendly choice for your family. Choose Eco Kids Finger Paints today and see your child's imagination come to life in a sustainable, worry-free way!

Directions: mix the powdered finger paint base with an equal amount of water to create a silky smooth liquid paint.

Mix only what is needed for single use, though excess unused liquid paint can be safely stored and covered in the refrigerator for a day or two.

Made with organic fruit and vegetable extracts. ages 3 and up.

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